Trip Report: Utah Canyoneering - Dirty Devil

Posted by Alan on

A week-long technical canyoneering trip in the Dirty Devil, Robber's Roost area (made famous by Butch Cassidy, leader of the Wild Bunch Gang). And very near where Aaron Ralston cut off his arm.

[b]read the captions below the pictures. they tell the story of the trip and give some context. have fun, -a[/b]

Great trip. Couldn't have gone better. Wx great for the most part. Only one very cold and windy night & day--rocks, not too small, blowing on our bivy sack. Surprise rappel into a 40 deg pool one morning at 8:00 am!

Feel like we took our canyoneering skill up a couple of notches, stretched more than a few "limits," and succeeded. Very pleased with the trip!

Fantastic route and scenery. Steve Allen (guidebook author) really outdid himself with this trip. At almost a day ahead of schedule (including the addition of S Fork Robber's Roost) we had time for two superb day hikes Thursday from our camp in the Main Fork. Don't think we have ever fit as much fun and excitement into seven days.

Packs are shredded with big holes, one probably beyond repair, and Alan's shoes were left in the rubbish bin in Hanksville UT.

Michael Martin posted on

Looks like an awesome trip, Alan. Beautiful colors in those photos!

I am glad you got back with all of your appendages! ;)


Joffrey Peters posted on

What an adventure surrounded in gorgeous scenery! This reminds me that there is a huge amount of exploring left for me to do... Sad that your gear didn't make it through, but perhaps not surprising.

Alan posted on

Yes, the wonderful news is that there is more fantastic exploring than any one of us can do in a lifetime. But I'm trying....

all the best, -a