Kungsleden Splits and GPS data

Posted by Michael Martin on

If you're interested, I've uploaded a KML (Google Earth) file of our trip. Here's what it tells us.

Over 16 days and 15 nights, we walked (or rowed) a total of 272.77 miles, averaging about 17 miles a day, climbing about 30,000 feet and descending about the same. That was about what we planned, in terms of averages.

The splits were as follows ... I removed portions where we relied on mechanical conveyances such as buses, ferries, and motor boats, but counted sections we rowed.

Day 1 -- Hemavan to Syterstugan -- 14.6 miles

Day 2 -- Syterstugan to Servestugan -- 16.7 miles

Day 3 -- Servestugan to Ammarnas --16.3 miles

Day 4 -- Ammarnas to the "bridge" campsite -- 16.9 miles

Day 5 -- bridge campsite to the "hive" campsite -- 20.7 miles

Day 6 -- hive campsite to Jakkvik --17.9 miles (admittedly, this was a very poor GPS day, and I had to do a lot of editing)

Day 7 -- Jakkvik to the campsite beyond the arctic circle -- 17.87 miles

Day 8 -- Arctic circle campsite to Mark's b-day campsite -- 16.7 miles

Day 9 -- Mark's b-day campiste to Kvikkjokk -- 13.8 miles

Day 10 -- Kvikkjokk to Aktse and Blood Peninsula --20.9 miles

Day 11 -- Aktse to Saltalouaca -- 20.3 miles

Day 12 -- after ferry and bus to Vakkotavare to high campsite short of Kaitumjaure -- 11.6 miles

Day 13 -- to Kebnekaise Mountain Station -- 17.6 miles

Day 14 -- Return to Kungsleden and camp at Salka -- 15.2 miles

Day 15 -- Salka to final campsite just past Alesjaura --17.9 miles

Day 16 -- to Abisko -- 17.8 miles.

Of course, as we know, Google Earth deprives us of terrain distance, so these estimates are a tad bit short. They also describe what Jen and I did. After we all split up, of course, the GPS was with me. I think you can estimate what you did, individually, by playing with the file.

It seems that veteran member (2) promotions are in order for everyone who doesn't have them yet.