North 100 miles of the Tuscarora Trip

Posted by Mark Ferwerda on

So I don't know if this post is kosher since this was not a DC UL trip but rather a trip I did myself last week. But I thought I'd share some photos of the northern 100 miles of the Tuscarora Trail. Not an easy hike by any means, and lots of ticks, but still well worth it. The folder labelled "Tuscarora Trail, May 19-24" contains the pictures of my hike.


Hua Davis posted on

WOW!!! Love your photos..[:D]

Michael Martin posted on

Mark, glad you've posted!

If you're not kosher, it's only because you didn't post this on the site, beforehand! ;)

Could you amplify on your experience? What was challenging? We have the last 85 (ish) miles to go, starting from Furnace Road in PA. Of course, we're NOBO.

Any tips? I'm thinking that we have three weekend trips remaining to reach the end.


jm posted on

Great photos. Where is the new shelter (the one under construction)? You should also check out the Standing Stone Trail, tough, rocky, tons of views.

Mark Ferwerda posted on

OK, here is some more info...

First day I went 13 miles from the northern terminus to the unfinished shelter that is just south of Waggoner's Gap. There is no water there.

The next day (Monday) I went 11 miles to Wagonwheel Shelter. The first 7 miles are either very rocky or the trail is virtually non-existent. The 3 miles north of Berry's Gap runs on private property on a rocky ridge and is poorly marked. It took me about 3 hours to get through this section. There is no water from Waggoner's Gap til you get to Wildcat Run (@ 7 miles) and there is water near the shelter.

On Tuesday I hiked to Fowler's Hollow Shelter (@ 16 mi). This trail in this section was better but had 4 significant climbs and 3 steep descents, but there was water available along the way.

Wednesday I hiked to Burd Run Shelter (@ 23 miles). This includes about a 4 mile road walk going through the village of Spring Run.

On Thursday I hiked to Reese's Hollow Shelter, (19 miles) including a 1 mile descent to the shelter. This section does not have much water, but there is water at the shelter.

Friday I hiked 21 miles to the Licking Creek Campsite on the C&O Towpath, @ 10 miles of that is a roadwalk.

Saturday was an 8 mile walk to Hancock along the C&O Towpath.

A lot of this part of the trail runs along private property so (legal) camping options are limited. Having said that, I did not meet a single backpacker on this whole trip. Parts of the trail are poorly blazed, overgrown, and quite rocky. I'd say the 50 miles north of Spring Run are the toughest.

Hopes this helps.