Letchworth Tr (NY)- Canyons and waterfalls

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This weekend I hiked the Letchworth Trail, a backpacking trail that explores the east side of the Genesee River canyon in Letchworth State Park. This is one of NY's premier state parks, famous for its huge waterfalls, impressive canyon, and many fine views. I would hike about 24 miles. The trail is blazed yellow and is well established and marked. It is easy-moderate in difficulty. I hiked south to north. The hike began very easy along level, old grades. Side trails offered views of the impressive canyon and falls. The trail then stayed in the woods most of the time where it became quite hilly as it went up and down and around many side ravines. These ravines were quite scenic and very deep and precipitous. Most were dry, but when there is water, they also have many waterfalls. The trail would often follow the rim of these impressive ravines. The forest was mostly hardwoods, but there were hemlocks in the ravines, and some areas with pine and spruce. There were some huge oak trees along the trail. The trail also has two shelters. The views return at the northern end of the trail where the canyon is wider, but still very scenic as the sun was setting. I finished in darkness and returned to my car at the Mt. Morris Dam. The Letchworth Trail is very nice and well-worth backpacking.

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Thanks for posting this here, Jeff.

Are you working on a new book?


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Cool! Brings back many memories as I would frequent the area when I lived in Buffalo.

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I am thinking of doing the Shawnagunks Ridge trail in the spring. Would be interesting. I guess that's a different area.

jm posted on

Michael- Yes, "Backpacking New York"

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Excellent, Jeff! Let us know as you get ready to go to press, and we'll help promote it!

And I would like to bring you down for an author talk.

I've really enjoyed the backpacking I've done in NY, so I look forward to seeing your book.